Choose business analysis?

Try to answer these questions to find  out would  you happy with BA career.

1. Do you find yourself in meetings very often? If so, do you like them? What do you like about the meetings you do attend? If you don’t like them, why?
2. How do you deal with situations where people are clearly not communicating? Do you naturally find yourself paraphrasing others in order to help them communicate?
3. Do you like to write? Is your writing precise and clear?
4. Are you comfortable working independently at your desk/computer for 2-3 hours at a time?
5. When you use a new tool or website, are you content with how it works or do you think of ways to make it better?
6. In situations of conflict, do you find you can maintain a neutral or at least balanced position and see both sides of the argument?
7. Are you comfortable drawing on a white board? Do you get excited about seeing people align around a concept or idea?
8. Do you find yourself intuitively understanding new systems and dissecting the rules that make them work? Are you driven to understand why things work the way they do?
9. Would you say you have a good understanding of the organizations of which you have been a part? Do you know who is responsible for what and how things are accomplished? (Examples could include a community organization, educational institution, club, or company.)
10. Do you tend to enjoy starting projects more than finishing them? (As a BA, the bulk of your effort goes into initiating a project. Of course, you must be willing to finish off your deliverables.)
11. Do you like to ask questions? Do you seem to have a way to ask the right question at the right time?
12. Do people at work tend to confide in you? Do people at work tend to come to you to help them think through a problem or make a decision?
13. Do you like to solve problems? Especially the really tough ones? Do you see these as opportunities to strut your mental prowess and not as annoyances?
14. Do you enjoy learning? Do you tend to pick up new skills and techniques quickly?
15. Do you like to support collaboration among the people you work with? Do you tend to get more people involved in problems and solutions instead of less?
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